Algotech Compliance Agreement

In the Glorious Name of ALLAH, the Most Beneficent, JUST and SUPREME,  I,   hereby promise that I will abide by the following guidelines strictly and honorably: 
I hereby promise that I will not write a single line of code for Algotech projects on any workstation other than my assigned Algotech Virtual Workstation.  
I hereby promise not to copy or clone Algotech project repositories onto my personal git accounts.  I acknowledge that repos should only be pushed, pulled or cloned to and from my Algotech Virtual Workstation ONLY.  
I hereby promise not to copy or transfer in any way shape or form any of Algotech project code or repos to my personal workstations or accounts.  
I promise to Delete any Algotech project repo clones or copies from my personal computers/workstations. 
I hereby promise that I will conduct all Algotech company related work including any research and otherwise from my Algotech Virtual Machine.  
I hereby promise that I will not attempt to change or alter any system configuration settings on my assigned Algotech Virtual Machine that are pre-configured for compliance such as modifying windows group security policies, registry entries or otherwise that may compromise the compliance configuration and security of my Algotech Virtual Machine. 
I hereby promise by my personal honor, ethics and integrity that I will strictly uphold and adhere to these guidelines. 

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