The #1 UNTOLD Truth Why 95% of Online Traders and Investors FAIL... and HOW this CLICK EASY A.I. Driven Solution STACKS the Probability of SUCCESS in your FAVOR with CLEAR, ACTIONABLE Proof... No Hype. No B.S!

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Are You Tired of LOSING ..? Are You Tired of Jumping From so-called Guru to Guru and Investing in Expensive Trading Programs and Stock Alert Services But Still Can't Make Consistently Favorable Trades to GROW your Account..?

You are not alone! The reason you have not been able to succeed and achieve the type of success you so deeply believe to be possible by trading and investing in the capital markets has to do with one word... EXPECTANCY... Intrigued..? 

EXPECTANCY is a statistically proven outcome... When trading and investing in the capital markets, absorbing losses is part of the game... But positive expectancy is a proven statistical edge that over the course of hundreds even thousands of trades you will statistically WIN MORE than you will lose thereby building wealth and potentially growing and multiplying your account over time.  Yeah I know, easier said than done right? More than 95% of online traders and investors fail  because they LACK this EDGE.  

They lack a trading methodology with a statistically proven positive expectancy and they really have NO IDEA on how to achieve a positive expectancy investing solution.  

What makes matters WORSE is that when trying to figure it out, traders and investors like you and me are misled and diverted to be driven further and further away from the truth by all the so-called gurus, influencers, experts, trading newsletters and all the other noise out there only to end up losing tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars and many years of our lives in the process.  I have a feeling that you probably know this pain and agony almost as well as I do... 

But you know it's not just about positive expectancy.  You also have to be aware of parts the of your trading methodology or system that produces a negative expectancy so that you can steer clear of those opportunities, strategies or instruments all together.   It’s this combination of trading the positive expectancy opportunities and avoiding the negative expectancy trades that will give you the maximum probable edge at growing and compounding your trading account! But like I said, easier said than done... So far, you're probably thinking that I’ve only just given you a whole bunch of rhetoric, but I PROMISE I am going to give you a whole lot more than just some rhetorical insightI am going to give you a REAL solution that will give you a REAL Edge!

When was the last time that a Guru, Expert, or Influencer reveal the True EXPECTANCY of the Trading Patterns or Strategies they are Telling You to Trade?

I’m willing to bet probably NEVER or NOT to your satisfaction? Am I right..? And this IS THE REASON, YOU ARE PROBABLY FAILING at growing your trading account or worse you’re consistently posting losses and LOSING a LOT OF MONEY. It’s BECAUSE you REALLY don’t know your EXPECTANCY, or what type of actual statistical odds you’re up against whenever you place a trade.  Not only that, I can just about guarantee that you’ve probably only been trading in One Dimension (more about this later) up till now… exposing yourself to unnecessary risk in the stock market... 

What if you had a REAL chance to CHANGE that?

by Dramatically Cutting Out the Learning Curve and ALL the NONSENSE in the Middle...

and gaining access to an A.I. driven, statistically proven, probability centric trading system that is designed to EMPOWER YOU, to become a consistently profitable trader and investor, almost INSTANTLY... with some basic training and very little effort... in quite literally your spare time... 
  • WITHOUT trying to scalp the market and getting your *## handed to you so you can stop losing!
  • WIHTOUT having to sit at your monitor for hours trying to day trade so you can take back your freedom!
  • and WITHOUT getting caught up in unhealthy hyper active decision making so you can kill the anxiety!
Sound Good..?

Wait... Let's Not Get Ahead of Ourselves...

Before we get to the solution I need you to understand HOW I actually got to the SOLUTION and HOW this solution is tailor made with your success in mind and HOW it can completely change the entire game for you as a self-directed online trader and investor… Is that ALRIGHT?

Bear with me for a few minutes because I have STRONG feeling that on some level you’re going to relate to what I went through more deeply than you know…

I want to share with you a journey of perseverance, and about how losing one hundred and sixty three thousand dollars as an early novice trader forced me to build this revolutionary patent pending A.I. driven method and technology that can potentially help average traders and investors just like you grow into 5 to 7 figure traders over time by trading in their spare time with very little effort... 

  • WITHOUT being glued to your computer screens...so you can spend time where it matters more...  
  • WITHOUT chasing after trades with so-called experts in chat rooms...so you can take back control...
  • WITHOUT dishing out thousands of dollars to go through some expensive trading course or program only to come out on the other side realizing you still can't make consistent financial gains from trading and investing in the capital markets.

Critical Take Away 1:   

If you want to make consistent gains in the financial markets you have to adhere to the following Simple Cardinal Philosophy - Don't risk a dime trading in the markets without a proven, reliable, expectancy.  Before you risk a DIME trading any trade strategy, signal or pattern that the last guru or influencer or expert showed you... You need to know the Expectancy, or the ODDS... THE Probability of Success of Trading that particular strategy.  

You need to SEE ALL of the ACTUAL TRADES and how they performed… and you need to see inside those trades… like how did the daily PnL fluctuate from the point the trade was opened to the point that it was closed so that you can understand the psychological pain to gain dynamics of each trade.

You need to know, if you traded that pattern or strategy EVERY time it Appeared on a price chart, what the expected overall results might look like… only when you have Quantified Data Driven Proof of what the expectancy is, should you even consider placing the trade and risking your precious capital… Again, I know all that is way easier said than done, but this is what 95% of online retail traders and investors lack and why ONLY 5% succeed?

Hazem Mallek

'2-Dimensional' Trader, Avid Problem Solver, Inventor & Cloud 9 Dad ;-)

Hi! I am Hazem Mallek ...

I am a data science nerd and a software engineer.  I leveraged my unique skills to become a profitable online stock and options trader… but clearly there is a lot more to that story... but this really isn’t about me… it’s about you and the thousands upon thousands of average, middle-class or middle-to-upper class self-directed traders and investors around the world who are trying to build real wealth on their own and the vicious losing / failure cycle that we all go through… 

An Aspiring Trader's Journey of INDOMINABLE 

PERSEVERANCE and How losing $163k over FIVE Long Years Led to a Pivotal Turning Point... and How my loss can be Your Ultimate GAIN! 

To give you a quick overview of my trading career, I started learning about the markets back in 2006 … Even though I had a good corporate desk job and the money was pretty good – I felt… no I KNEW it would never allow me to have the independence I so deeply desired and it would NEVER let me realize my true potential… I bet you can relate to that.

So like most private online traders do I started out trading forex with the foolish dreams of getting rich quick and trading full time for a living… after failing at forex I eventually moved on to futures then stocks then finally options. 

FIVE YEARS went on like this, I spent six figures, well ACTUALLY 163k to be exact, going through the school of hard knocks (nod to yourself if this SOUNDs like YOU), I was buying trading program after trading program, buying the next magic technical indicator, buying trading bots, subscribing to trading newsletters and signal services… the list goes on… does that sound little like you too? 

Yeah, I bet it does!

It’s what just about everyone goes through when they are trying to figure it out for themselves … and over the course of those 5 years while I learned a LOT, as I implemented what these gurus and services were telling me to do, I ended up losing about 89 Thousand Dollars to the markets trading.  

So, of the $163k that I spent in my early Market Tuition, roughly $73k was spent on gurus and trading services and the rest was actual trading losses, so TRUST ME I know what it feels like to get burned and have gone through the ringer…

It was absolutely excruciating to go through this over such an extended period of time.  I KNOW that YOU KNOW What This Feels LikeTO BE DOWN AND OUT … To have the DESIRE to CHANGE your life OR just to change what you’re doing for a living – because your job or career just isn’t fulfilling or giving you the independence or fulfillment that you so deeply need… TO HAVE THE PASSION and rightful DESIRE TO DO SOMETHING different, only to come up empty handed or worse (like in my case), nearly losing the shirt off your back… I’ve got to be the luckiest guy on the planet that my loving wife didn’t leave me while I was going through all this...

Most People Would’ve Already Quit By Now...

Actually, More Than 95% Do...

but my friends and family, especially my wife tell me how "headstrong" I am, and once I set myself to something, I am wired in such a way that I "become a fanatic at solving the problem" and I just can’t let it go until I "see it through to the end" OR until I am successful... SO I started LOOKING at all the FLAWS and all the cracks in what I learned from all the various gurus and services I spent all that money on over the first five years of my early trading career.

Although I learned valuable lessons in bits and pieces form several of the programs and tools that I purchased, there was ONE COMMON Missing Link across them all that LED to my failure as a trader and left me to lose ALL THAT money to the Markets… 

I will share with you the well-kept little secret as to why you too have failed to succeed at multiplying your  trading account and why you have been losing to the market or barely breaking even… and it has NOTHING to DO with all those nasty fabricated thoughts that lead us to believe we are not LUCKY enough, or that we are not SMART enough, or that as traders we don’t have the right Emotional Control… all B.S.

The simple reason why you and I both experienced this trading failure at some point in our lives is that none of those gurus that we turned to exposed the raw and TRUE expectancy or actual statistical odds of success for any of the methods, or patterns, or signals that they sold us … and raw expectancy has nothing to do with gurus or experts showing you their brokerage statements or their live trading accounts… As a matter of fact, showing brokerage statements and live trading accounts will only divert you away from actual raw expectancy... confused?

Well, the gurus could've done 'fifty' different things to get the results shown on their brokerage statements or live accounts - they could've have applied strategies that have nothing to do with what they are actually teaching you.  I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, so I won't suggest that they fabricated their results although many do.  Actually successful traders have developed exceptional trading skills that typically go far beyond any strategy they can teach you to go and apply for yourself with robotic consistency... Case and point, showing brokerage statements and live accounts do not reveal expectancy!  

Enough was Enough!

I Decided To Do Something About It...

I knew that in order to break into the 5% of traders who are actually successful – I needed to have a trading system and methodology with statistically proven and reliable odds – YEAH … easier said than done right? At the end of the day, trading is strictly a probabilities game – but with virtually infinite ways to trade and countless strategies… which ONE do you apply?

So this is when I let my nerdiness kick into full gear and put on my data science and software engineering hats and combined it with everything that I learned about trading.  I think it’s fair to say by that point in time, five years into my aspiring trading career I had earned at least a Master’s Degree in Trading from the School of Hard Knocks… even though I failed at making any money trading up to that point.


I even went through a quant program on programming quantitative trading algorithms. These are the types of programs that specialized software engineers go through to land jobs at hedge funds paying salaries ranging anywhere from $150k to upwards of $500k or more… sorry I digress…

So anyway, I didn’t go work for a hedge fund, but sometime in the first quarter of 2011 after picking up some of these skills, I got to work automating and programming all of the strategies that I learned from all the different gurus so that I could back test them … this was a lengthy and laborious process to say the least...

What I Found SHOCKED Me… 

ALL of those strategies were losers if you traded them over and overNo wonder I lost all that money trading when I applied what I learned from the gurus and trading services…  

[an interesting piece of the journey]

I even went as far as to my writing my own HFT (high frequency trading algorithm) to trade the bond futures. 

Now this was really interesting actually – this thing was SUPER profitable in simulated backtests and even made a killing live trading for a little while but eventually failed because it was trying to study the order flow between ticks and day trade for one to five ticks and take anywhere between 30 to 50+ trades at the opening market session.

At that level of hyper active trading, trying to trade the order flow between ticks, the big institutions with their billion dollar infrastructures were out gaming even down right cheating out my little trading bot and preventing it from performing like it should, and this is when I realized that day trading was not the way to go … especially if I couldn’t even do it with consistent success using an HFT.

That's when it occurred to me... I still do need to try to do what the successful 'Big Boys' do, but I needed to adapt to another type of trading strategy that is more suited for individual retail investors, like swing trading - trading the Daily Timeframe Chart, going after bigger moves and fewer trades and cutting out all the intraday noise. 

After going through all this, by the end of 2012, I finally came up with a viable pattern recognition algorithm that I called Algo Signals at the time, it would tell me how well it would perform on ANY STOCK or ETF or whatever ticker symbol I wanted to trade.  

I felt strongly enough about this that I started forward trading it staring January 2013 as a New Year’s resolution but there is a slight caveat to that… instead of trading the stocks outright whenever my algorithm fired a Signal, I swing traded a couple of different Options Strategies to minimize my exposure to the market while maximizing my profit potential… Keep in mind that by the end of 2012 I had about 7 years of trading experience under my belt…

I’ll Spare You All The Long Drawn Out Details …

FAST forward a few more years my strategy was ACTUALLY working and I had finally figured it out … and I did become profitable!

I spent time between 2013 to about April 2018 trading and perfecting what I like to call this ‘2-Dimensional’ trading strategy that I developed… This was an end of day system so I would just analyze the market and put in my orders after hours when things were calm and I could actually think clearly and objectively analyze the market according to the rules of my strategy.

I made some really nice money during this time and my strategy was working REALLY well! I was ecstatic by this success!

Back to the Drawing Board..? Although I was ecstatic by my success, it was still a lot of hard work I had to put in week in and week out to trade successfully!  Granted, I was pending about 10 hours a week on actual trading and analysis it was still 10 hours of hard-core mental focus and strain taht I could do without every week... 

I wanted to be able to achieve the same level of success without the ongoing weekly investment of my time and brain power!  I wanted to have all the analytics done automatically so that all I had to do was spend no more than a few minutes looking at the results and just placing trades that I knew had a high statistically proven chance of success.

So I decided to go back to the drawing board and figure out how I could better automate my successful trading methodology so that not only could I trade more easily and effectively, but also leave behind a legacy for my family.

I wanted to create a easy to use system that ANY Novice Trader or Investor could take and with just some BASIC training like how to place a trade, what is an options spread, simple stuff, be able to leverage my specialized expertise, my decade plus years of experience and my winning strategies at the push of a button and be able to easily attain a high probability edge and build wealth over time

I quickly realized that this was not an undertaking that I could accomplish on my own within a reasonable amount of time. I was already well over a decade deep into the game. So I invested a big chunk of my trading proceeds to hire a team of software engineers and go to work on the big vision!

Fast forward to 2021, after a few years of development with a small team of engineers the beta version of ALGOPTI was coming to light!

CAUTIONThis would be the point where the vast majority of so-called gurus and experts START TO LEAD YOU ASTRAY with diversion tactics and shifting the focus to all THESE testimonials and ALL this money that they made and the Lambo that they drive... ALL tactics to sell you a lifestyle to buy what they are selling rather than GIVING YOU REAL UPFRONT PROOF and EXPECTANCY that the exact methodology or trading system they are selling actually WORKS...

So let me just cut through all that nonsense, the B.S. and all the diversion tactics and JUST SHOW YOU THE SOLUTION! Sound GOOD? But GET EXCITED because I’m about to show you how it is possible to potentially grow a 5-figure trading account into a 7-figure account within a few short years … are you READY? let’s GO!

After More Than a Decade of Trading and Research... Problem Solving... Trial and Error... Agony... and well into Seven Figures in Expenses and Sweat Equity...

Algopti Was Born! 

This FULL Demo Video PROVIDES ALL The PROOF You Should Need!

  • Algopti makes it CLICK EASY to trade stocks and options with consistently favorable odds in your spare time with very little effort and without the steep learning curve and expensive market tuition.
  • Algopti empowers you with superior statistical EDGE for trading any major financial instrument including US Stocks & Options, Commodities, Word Wide Indices, Crypto Currencies and Forex.
  • Acquire the SUPER POWER of KNOWING before hand (with Statistical Foresight) which direction Bitcoin or any currency is headed... OR if the Stock Market is going to crash... OR the likely potential outcome of your portfolio with statistically proven reliability

What Would  Having This Super Power Be Worth To You..?

Tens of Thousands?

Hundreds of Thousands..? Millions?

...OR... Maybe WHAT We Should Really ASK is...

What is it Going to COST YOU to Pass This Up?

To Answer that Question, We NEED to Consider  the VALUE of What is at Stake Here...

If you’re still here, I going to go out on a limb here and say that so far we’ve established that you and I have a LOT in common… as far as our journey to successful trading is concerned anyway…

We both know what it feels like go from Guru to Guru and trading service to trading service to find the solution we are looking for… only to keep coming up empty handed. You’ve heard my story and I’m willing to bet it’s not that far off from your own…

But maybe I’ve just been doing it a bit longer than you have and maybe I can help you at least get on the right path without having to suffer through EVERYTHING that I went through!

What if... You Could Take Complete Advantage of Me and My Team?

What if for a small investment of almost nothing relative to the value and bonuses I’m going to offer you... Could you not only secure access to this AMAZING system but also indirectly have a team of expert algorithmic trading developers, engineers, and strategy researchers working for you behind the scenes to a build a system that helps you navigate the capital markets with a proven edge!

If you were to go out and hire such a team of experts yourself... lets do a quick google search and see what would that cost here in the US…

Whoa! The Average Salary for just ONE of these 'Guys' is about 143k/yr... 

I've got a Team of these Developers working with me on Algopti...

but even at their expensive rates, my team still requires ongoing grooming and training… I have the utmost love and respect for my team and couldn’t not have gotten Algopti to where it is today without them... but the FACT still remains, I HAVE to spend A LOT of time grooming them because they lack my DECADE PLUS years of trading experience and  unique expertise...

OK... Let's say you didn't hire a WHOLE team and just got ONE of these Engineers to try to Build  you a System...

well... you’re still looking at an average  cost of  $143k/yr and you don’t know what you’re really going to end up with … I’m talking from serious experience.

Ok, I know, I know... you’re probably thinking, EVEN if you COULD afford it,  you would never spend $143K per year to hire someone to do this for you… so let’s slash that by a factor of 10 and let’s say you found some offshore freelance developer to work for you 11 hours per week at a minimal rate of $25/hrYou’re still looking at spending $14,300/yr... 

But now you are not dealing with a field expert anymore and you’ve dramatically reduced your chances of success and equivocally prolonged the amount of time it will take you get to a remotely viable solution...that's assuming you, yourself are a trading and systems engineering expert as well! 

You know I’ve gone through all of this!

Not only have I spent a good chunk of my life going through all the agony of figuring out how trade and invest profitably, but I’ve also gone through the excruciating pain of self funding and building a full-fledged cloud based analytical software solution...

Let's Breakdown The Bare Bones

COST of Trying it by Yourself

Bare Bones Expense

  • Mediocre freelance Dev - $14,300/yr
  • Historical Market Data - $2,000/yr 
  • Cloud API & Data Hosting - $2,400/yr
  • Your Time & Sweat Equity $50,000/yr? surely a lot MORE!
  • $68,700/yr min EXPENSE Value! 

WOW! Are you starting to realize what I personally endured throughout my own journey of 'figuring it all out'? [Even through I totally watered down the figures above]… Realistically my actual expense has been well in the six figures annually... So either you can go try it all on your own…

OR... You can just BYPASS all of that!

Now that you have a decent idea of all the costs and expenses involved in getting a viable trading edge, what would you be willing to pay to access Algopti? We know the average going rate for services far less superior to Algopti sell for $5000/yr even $10,000/yr EASILY.

What if we charged a fraction? $2,500/yr?  Fair?

You AGREE, this is MORE than FAIR Right..?

Well...I want to do something EVEN BETTER!

Since you are one of the LUCKY few that are HERE NOW as part of our Pre-Beta SALE event. You have a chance to access Algopti BEFORE anyone else in the WORLD!

For adopting NOW as an early backer and putting your faith and confidence in Algopti as a partner who is 1000% committed to providing you the highest value and unparalleled trading edge, We have 2 deeply discounted packages and incentives to offer. You can pick whichever one suits you… but our flagship Pro '2-Dimensional' package does offer greater savings and bonus incentives...

Exclusive Pre-Beta Backer ULTRA Sale

LIMITED to First 1000 Spots ONLY!

Standard: Enhanced 1st Dimension Analytics 

  • Module 1 -> Algopti Signals Engine [Beta Est 4Q 2022] [$997/yr] 
  • Module 2 -> Algopti Screener Engine [Beta Est 4Q 2022] [$997/yr]
  • Includes EOD Data For All Major US Stocks, ETFs & Indices

Exclusive Bonus for Early Bird 

Pre-Beta Backers ONLY

  • Bonus 1: 12-months FREE* (2yrs for 1 lifetime deal) [$1,994/yr]
  • Bonus 2: EOD Forex Analytics (900+ FX pairs) [$497/yr]
  • Bonus 3: EOD Crypto Analytics (4000+ cryptos) [$497/yr]
  •  Bonus 4: EOD Commodities Analytics (60+ assets) [$497/yr]
  •  Bonus 5: EOD Global Indices Analytics (600+ indices) [$497/yr]

Total Regular Price with Bonuses: $7964/2yrs

Pre-Beta SUPER Deal: 
(Includes 1 FREE YEAR)
[85% Discount Applied]
YOU SAVE  $6,769!

EXTRA BONUS:  You'll get this rate for life!  While everyone else pays the normal rate, you'll get 2 years for $1,195 including bonuses on future renewals also! 

Please be advised that the FREE* 2nd year PLUS Extensive Bonuses are offered as a REWARD and Compensation for your early pre-beta patronage and agreement to bear with us through common pre-beta challenges if any such as release delays and platform bugs.


At a MINIMUM you'll get 24 mo access to the core Standard Package Features.  Otherwise, we will extend your membership accordingly due to release delays.  Your satisfaction is our #1 Priority.  We aim to earn a lifetime partnership with you.  Plus you are backed by our IRON CLAD Performance Guarantee**  


You Get a Boosted Partner Program Revenue Share*

  • 25% referral fee from your 3rd referral onward so you can generate an additional stream of income or more trading capital.  

That's a MINIMUM $298.75/yr we'll PAY YOU per referral!

*Rev boost reserved exclusively for pre-beta backers only! Will not be offered after we close this event!

PRO Upgrade: Algopti's Flagship Package Patent-Pending '2-Dimensional' Analytics plus LIVE Stock & Options Trading

  • EVERYTHING in the Standard Package PLUS [$3,982/yr] 
  • Module 3 -> Algopti Options Analytics [Beta Est 2Q 2023 [$2,997/yr] 
  • Module 4 -> Algopti Trade Engine [Beta Est 2Q 2023] [$997/yr]

Exclusive Bonus for Early Bird 

Pre-Beta Backers ONLY

  • Bonus:  12 Mos Commission Free Stock & Options Trading Plus LIVE streaming US Stock & Options Data via Tradier Broker* [$120]

Total Regular Price (Std + PRO): $16,492/2yrs

Pre-Beta ULTRA Deal (Std + PRO): 
(Includes 1 FREE YEAR)
[~86% Discount Applied]
YOU SAVE  $14,297!
ALERT: This Special Pricing is only available NOW! 
if you wish to upgrade at a later time, the price will be higher and the same bonus may not be offered.

EXTRA BONUS:  You'll get this rate for life!  While everyone else pays the normal rate, you'll get 2 years for $2375 including bonuses on future renewals also! 

Please be advised that the FREE 2nd year PLUS Extensive Bonuses are offered as a REWARD and Compensation for your early pre-beta patronage and agreement to bear with us through common pre-beta challenges if any such as release delays and platform bugs. 


At a MINIMUM you'll get 24 mo access to the core Package Modules.  Otherwise, we will extend your membership accordingly due to release delays.  Your satisfaction is our #1 Priority.  We aim to earn a lifetime partnership with you.  Plus you are backed by our IRON CLAD Performance Guarantee**

100% IRON CLAD Performance Guarantee**

Details Below Checkout

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You know, some folks question the cost. That makes total sense. You need to make sure you're making a wise investment, right?

What I've discovered is that it's not how much something costs, it’s what you get for value in exchange for the money you use to get it. Besides burning it to stay warm, there is little value in having paper money. Money is only good for what you can exchange it for. Your hope is whatever you get in the exchange is better than keeping your money or spending it on something else. Right?

Now, here’s what I know about you... you want to, nay you need to exchange money to improve your life. And given the value you've just seen, and my commitment to your absolute success, you can feel more than comfortable exchanging it to become a part of Algopti.


Expense SAVINGS Value

  • Mediocre freelance Dev - $14,300/yr
  • Historical Market Data - $2,000/yr 
  • Cloud API & Data Hosting - $2,400/yr
  • Your Time & Sweat Equity $50,000/yr? sure a lot MORE!
  • $68,700/yr min EXPENSE Value

PLUS Pre-Beta Exclusive Discounts

Standard Package

  • $6,769 Savings / 2 Yrs 
  • Total Minimum Value Over 2 Yrs  $144,169 


  • $14,292 Savings / 2 Yrs 
  • Total Minimum VALUE Over 2 Yrs  $151,692

100% IRON CLAD Performance Guarantee**

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Eyes WIDE Open... Please Do Not Sign Up if...

  1. 1
    You are trying to quit your day job to start trading for a living and believe trading and investing in capital markets is a way to get rich quick and Algopti is your ticket, please do not sign up!

Although, you can earn substantial profits with good trades, trading and investing involves taking substantial risk as well.  Our system is designed to give you revolutionary and unparalleled edge to lean the probability of success in your favor as we have demonstrated throughout the training and videos on this page.  However, ETHICALLY, we cannot and do not guarantee that you will make any money trading by depending on our system.  Even if our system is great and wildly profitable, we don't know what you will do with that information it provides or how you will implement it.  Our system will give you raw predictive intel and statistical edge as advertised, we can promise you that.  Beyond this, No ONE IN THE WORLD can make you a guarantee that you will see any profit.  If you can't accept this, please do not sign up!

  1. 2
    You believe software systems should never have glitches, should work flawlessly all the time and you are not open to dealing with occasional glitches.  If this sounds like you, please do not sign up!  

In general, technology + software = addressing on going technical issues.  You know how all the biggest software companies in the world keep on releasing bug fixes and system updates that never stop?  You know how your phone or computer crashes from time to time and keeps getting OS updates?  Well it's because new defects come to light and need to be addressed.  Algopi is a cloud based analytical software solution.  Although our first and foremost priority is your satisfaction and to ensure that our platform works flawlessly as intended. There will be possible unknown bugs or defects that may surface from time to time particularly with with the platform's analytics modules especially while we are in beta mode.  In exchange for agreeing to bear with through any such issues, we are extending tremendous discounts and bonus incentives as a compensation. We do give highest priority to our live trading module to ensure orders are transmitted to your brokerage account and handled 100% accurately! However, as with any other major electronic trading platform on the market we may experience technological issues beyond our control.  If you can't live with this, please do not sign up, moreover please DO NOT TRADE!

  1. 3
    You are generally pessimistic and not willing to join Algopti with a supportive community minded, friendly attitude that we are in this together, please do not sign up!

Developing a highly complex, performance based fintech analytics platform like Algopti is one of the most difficult things to do in the world especially when funding the venture yourself without giving up control of your company for venture capital.  It is in our absolute best interest to provide you with the highest value and investing edge.  You're getting in on a ground floor opportunity.  If you are not comfortable with the idea of supporting a product in it's early stages of coming to market, please do not sign up!  You can wait until Algopti is famous and subscribe at a much higher price later :-) 

  1. 4
    If you have any doubt that $1,200 or even $2500 is too high a price to sign up for an advanced software solution that is in pre-beta and don't completely appreciate the value proposition we demonstrated throughout the training and videos on this webpage, please do not sign up! 

Is that FAIR?

If you're OK with the points above,

then you will NOT be disappointed.

100% IRON CLAD Performance Guarantee**

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Subtotal $3,570.00 every 2 years
Recurring total $3,570.00 every 2 years
First renewal: June 16, 2026

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Total $3,570.00
Recurring totals
Subtotal $3,570.00 every 2 years
Recurring total $3,570.00 every 2 years
First renewal: June 16, 2026

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